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The benefit of using my solutions is the ability to fully articulate your message across multiple channels as part of closed-loop approach that will deliver more actionable data, leading to stronger campaigns, and reduced costs – without the hassle of technical management.

To put it another way: my solutions help you win.

A few client types …

Council Groups

Improve productivity, cohesion and the ability of your group to move things forwards.


Whether you are running for local government, devolved administrations, or national office we can help.


Upgrade your organisation’s tools and processes whilst unlocking cost savings. 

I work well with others …

Mike Rouse

Principal Consultant

Mike brings 15 years political experience and a background in software with a strong focus on social media. Mike’s expertise has been used in four British General Elections and dozens of local government elections across the country. More recently, Mike applied his own skills to win a local government seat himself, which was previously considered as safe for the opposition and thus proving what kind of impact digital can make.

Sam Frost

Senior Consultant

Sam Frost is a highly experienced digital guru who played a key role in the Vote Leave campaign, working on a number of data-driven projects. Sam also work across Reignite, a political group that has brought together thousands of activists thanks to innovative campaigns. Sam’s specialisms include email marketing, workflow, data-driven campaigning, Facebook advertising, effective petitioning, and more!

Campaign Performance

As well as providing websites and tools, I also provide active campaign management services. Here are my vital stats for this area:




Win details

  • A 2017 general election campaign – full constituency campaign management resulting in retained seat with increased vote share.
  • A 2018 local government campaign – full campaign resulting in 4 gain and control of the council.