Stop trying to scare people: Trident cannot be hacked. End of.

As ex-Defence Secretary one would assume Lord Browne knows more about Trident than most. So either he is showing a lack of expertise, which is worrying for his past tenure, or he’s revealing a potential weak spot in the system and inviting hackers to have a go.

But, my belief is that Trident is not a pre-emptive system. The PM would not “reach for it” only to find hackers had cut him (or her) off. I understood it to be a retaliatory system whereby the instructions in the vaults are whether or not to fire in the event the UK is fired upon first. So even if cyber attacks take out communications the standing orders are used. It is therefore safe from any cyber attack because it relies upon no element of “cyber” whatsoever.

Trident_boatWorth noting with the age of the system it’s probably built on FORTRAN and is not something that anyone would be stupid enough to put over TCP/IP or any other type of connectivity.  The best you could hope for is to interfere with one or more of the submarines, so you’re talking about some kind of next level stuff there because if in doubt, ultimately, the captain could surface the sub, have a look at the white cliffs and confirm that he’s been had.

Come on, this story is stupid. Lord Brown is moronic for his suggestion, and the BBC is mad for standing it up. An editor with an ounce of expertise in these things would have shot it down immediately. So you do have to question why the Labour Party and Lord Browne want this story to go out.